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Mosaic Group is dedicated to transformation and upliftment of urban areas, creating sanctuaries of desirable habitat and work experience. This brings renewed vitality, energy and hope to these nodes.

We develop and retain mixed-use real estate projects which blend residential, educational, retail and leisure uses in a symbiotic way. This integrated approach creates an elevated living experience in the built environment, whilst creating subsequent business opportunities and multiple income streams.

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About Mosaic Group

Mosaic Group:
Integrating Excellence

Our history in urban regeneration goes back 15 years. We have originated and refined brands and businesses that cater to a similar, if not the same target market.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the visual appreciation of human nature. We believe aesthetics and quality are paramount to success in this space. Functionality and affordability follow.

Urban lifestyles and retail business have witnessed a transformation, wherein increasingly technically sophisticated customers become active participants in an experiential affirmation of what is acceptable or desirable.

Our Mission

Create one urban sanctuary at a time. Hone our business model to beautify and revitalize an area in a way that increases prosperity for its residents and ourselves. Carefully curate and continually enhance our brands and businesses. We remain very intentional about the direction of each and what they bring to society.

Our Vision

Innovation is at the heart of all we do. We are dedicated to improving and adapting what we produce, simultaneously ensuring our brands are at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements.

What We Believe

We believe in God and that we are all his beloved sons and daughters.

Mosaic Group

Our Brands

The group has proven its ability to successfully deliver brands to a specific target market enabling them to grow and market themselves. 

Ole is student living reimagined!

We made the bold decision to go beyond expectations and provide facilities and services far exceeding what is required for student housing.

We came to some basic conclusions:

  • If students live well, they graduate well.
  • Best class facilities, translate to happy students.
  • Providing student life programs and extra mural activities, generates loyalty.
  • We don’t market our product, students endorse us.


Ole accommodates over 2000 students in multiple residences and remains a key element of our growth strategy.




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City Life represents a progressive urban model, designed to adapt to ongoing urbanization and meet the acute demand for inner-city housing in Durban. We offer both affordability and value in our housing solutions.

Our internally managed portfolio includes over 2500 residential units and approximately 11,000m² of retail space, providing affordable rental housing. With over 7,000 tenants calling City Life their home, we have become a significant part of Durban’s urban landscape.



Luna apartments are finished to hotel standards, with sophisticated management orientated to strong customer service approach.  Services are slick and functional with payments via App, keyless smart locks, lighting fast wifi and streaming entertainment options.

The finishes, spacial design and overall presentation provides exceptional value. The hotel styled lobbies and service staff that are there to help, changes the experience for our tenants. At Luna they are treated as guests and its no wonder we have a waiting list.




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Urban lifestyles can be overwhelming. Oasis Co-Working spaces were developed as sanctuaries that young professionals, freelancers, students and entrepreneurs can escape to.

As the name suggests, an idyllic oasis of foliage sets the tone, with secluded work pods, meeting rooms, collaboration studio’s and even self-production capabilities for your latest social media marketing updates.

Uniformed managers maintain the aircon, wifi, h2o and just about everything else you need.




031 001 7291

We created a gym that looks as good as members aspire to be.

This is a fresh approach to fitness and consistently wins the vote for the coolest gym in Durban.

Situated in the heart of our portfolio, tenants simply walk in and work out, no excuses! Membership is open to the general public with a variety of affordable packages.

At over 2000m2 its large and has all the latest equipment, studios, and work-out options. Treat yourself to a healthy smoothie from our on-site refreshment bar, FRESH.

On-site personal trainers are part of the package and will get you in shape with fun training.




031 001 2966

Adapt Media aims to provide innovative and impactful out-of-home advertising solutions to businesses seeking to reach their target audience effectively. With a focus on creativity, technology, and strategic placement, we strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients while maximizing brand visibility and consumer engagement.

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